ARTICLE - Atheist Fairytales: Exposing secularism's major myths

By Dr Nick Spencer (Premier Christianity, September 2018)

“Popular atheists including Steven Pinker say that science, human rights and reason are a result of the Enlightenment conquering religious superstition. That’s just another fairytale, argues Nick Spencer”

ReviewSeven Types of Atheism by John Gray review – is every atheist an inverted believer?

By Prof. Terry Eagleton (The Guardian, 11 April 2018)

"An impressively erudite work, ranging from St Augustine to Joseph Conrad, embraces an atheism that finds enough mystery in the material world."

BLOGWhat Are Christian Apologetics, and How Do They Relate to the Gospel Anyways?

By Prof. Jerry Root (Christianity Today, 14 June 2018)

"The greatest apologetic for faith is embedded in the gospel message itself."

article - why the big bang was not the beginning

By Jon Cartwright (New Scientist, 14 March 2018)

"First hints are emerging of a universe that existed before our own: an alien world of chaos where time, space and geometry were yet to form"


Article - How to think about... Scientific truth

By Joshua Howgego (New Scientist, 27 June 2018)

"All swans are white. Or are they? It’s difficult to establish absolute truths about the world, and science is the worst method – apart from all the others"


article - How to think about... consciousness

By Catherine de Lange (New Scientist, 27 June 2018)

"Can a mind ever know itself? Maybe we don’t want to know: solving the ‘hard problem’ of consciousness could threaten our sense of self and free will."