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History and the Seductive Power of Stories

Stories are all around us. Our lives are saturated with fiction. From the constant bombardment of advertisements to the lucrative business of Hollywood, we are continually using stories to communicate ideas and find meaning in our lives. From prehistoric art to the copious number of modern day films and TV shows it is clear we have always had an insatiable appetite for stories. You could say story-telling is in our DNA, it is part of what makes us human.

But does this propensity towards communicating through stories make us susceptible to deception? Can we trust narratives to be free from bias and faithfully communicate truth? Or are all narratives untrustworthy by nature simply because they originate from individual human beings who are evolutionary engineered to embellish the truth and believe fantasies?

Come join us as we discuss these issues and how it relates to the Christian belief of a historical Jesus and his resurrection.